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Grow With The Flo

Flotilla is a customer-first, water treatment solutions provider partnering with the leading residential, commercial and industrial service companies.

Better Together

Our ethos is we are better together as a fleet than a single ship navigating rough waters alone.

Local Success

  • Continuously improve existing customer & professional relationships

  • Uphold brand reputation & legacy built on a solid foundation

  • Acquire businesses with a proven track record of success

Scalable Growth

  • Acquire businesses with a proven track record of success

  • Deliver greater value from shared service strategies

  • Optimize efficiencies, systems and processes

Our Philosophy


Not Transactions

Our philosophy of transitions not transactions is mantra developed by empathy. Every business has a myriad of variables. Every business owner has their own goals. Flotilla customized partnerships to align with your needs and timeline – with respect to the brand’s reputation and legacy. Let’s grow with the Flo with our contact form below.

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