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Water Treatment Solutions

Mission Statement

If we do not deliver profitable value growth, we do not exist. Our aim is always pointed in an upward trajectory.

Water Expertise


Driven to be the customer-centric, conscious, and also the most innovative fleet of water treatment solutions businesses.

Customer dedication


Flotilla commits to delivering long-lasting, customer-first reliable water treatment solutions.

Water Treatment Solutions

Core Values


If we do not deliver profitable value growth, we do not exist. Our aim is pointed in an upward trajectory.


We win with integrity. We have a corporate social responsibility to earth’s most precious natural resource. We execute servant leadership.


A keystone to our success is and will always be career development for our technicians, management and also our support staff.


We achieve prosperity by reinvesting in our people: our team, our customers, our industry partners and local communities.


Proactive > Reactive. Therefore we analyze our past performance regularly to meticulously plan for the short-term and long-term simultaneously.


All facets of our execution live under the umbrella of respecting the legacy, foundation and valuing existing relationships.

Walter Conner Jr

Our Leadership

Walter Conner Jr, CEO Flotilla Partners, is an entrepreneur and executive leader. In fact prior to Flotilla, Walter led a portable sanitation business that began as a startup and grew through acquisition. With Flotilla, Walter is continuing his passion of servant leadership in a skilled trade industry.

A Fleet of Fleets

Osceola Capital Management backs Flotilla , a private equity firm driven by value creation for business partners and investors while adhering unswervingly to our values, philosophy and process.

Benefits of Choosing Flotilla

Expertise & Specialization

Flotilla Partners brings specialized expertise in water treatment solutions. Therefore ensuring reliable and effective customizations for specific needs.

Customer Focused Philosophy

Prioritizing customer satisfaction through tailored water treatment solutions.

Comprehensive Services

Offering free consultations, precise installations, and ongoing maintenance our comprehensive support.

Trusted Partnerships

Ensure high-quality solutions and seamless customer experience.

Schedule Your Free Water Test

Take the first step towards cleaner, healthier water by scheduling your complimentary water test now – our experts are ready to help you achieve the best water quality for your home